What Are The Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia?

garcinia cambogia side effects

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the latest supplement to hit the weight loss industry. The supplement caused a lot of stir when the renowned Dr. Oz bathed it with praises in the year 2012. Since then, thousands of people are searching for information about garcinia cambogia to see if it really works as claimed.

One specific question that a lot of persons are asking is: are there any garcinia cambogia side effects to worry about?

This is a very important question as no one wants to take a supplement that has accompanying side effects which can be detrimental to their health. As a result, we have done our research and below we want to share our findings with you as it relates to garcinia cambogia side effects.

Thus you as a consumer will be able to make an informed decision if this supplement is right for you to aid with your weight loss program.

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Some Common Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia

Numerous clinical trials and test have been done on garcinia cambogia to ensure that it is safe for human consumption. So far there are no MAJOR side effects reported. However, there are some persons who have experienced some minor problems after prolonged usage of garcinia.

Below are some of these minor cases that we have found:

Garcinia Cambogia Can Lower Blood Sugar Level!

Hence patients suffering with diabetes or hypoglycemia must be cautious about taking this supplement. Blood glucose levels may need to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional, together with a pharmacist, and adjustments in the dosage may be necessary.

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia should avoid Garcinia cambogia

Patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia syndromes must avoid Garcinia Cambogia due to the given theoretical possibility of developing acetylcholine within the brain.

Garcinia Cambogia should not be consumed by pregnant or even breastfeeding women

Garcinia Cambogia should not be consumed by pregnant or even breastfeeding women due to insufficient scientific evidence about the effects. In addition you do not want your child’s appetite to drop!

Additional Possible Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia

The following list of adverse reactions is dependent on anecdotal reports. Some of these effects may decrease over time or with a smaller sized dose:

  • Rashes
  • Nausea
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Head ache
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Insomnia
  • Cold
  • Restlessness
  • Increased food cravings
  • Gas
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Convulsions

Remember, if you take more than the actual suggested dosage, the risk of negative effects increases.

Interactions With Medicines

As mentioned above, Garcinia Extract drops the blood sugar levels so it best to stay cautious about the appropriate dosage. Patients who take oral medication or insulin for diabetes must be carefully monitored by healthcare professionals and a pharmacist. Adjustment of dosage is necessary.

Taking hydroxycitric acid along with statin drugs, such as atorvastatin calcium (Lipitor ®) could raise the risk of rhabdomyolysis (disease involving deterioration of skeletal muscle). The actual incidence of rhabdomyolysis was documented in a case report of the patient taking a weight loss natural product containing 50% hydroxycitric acid.

For your wellness

Herbs and supplements aren’t strictly regulated by healthcare bodies. There is no guarantee associated with strength, purity or security of products and thus effects can vary. You should always read the label.

For those who have a medical condition or take other drugs, herbs, or even supplements, you should speak with a certified healthcare provider before taking garcinia supplements. Consult a doctor immediately should you experience side effects from taking garcinia cambogia.

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How To Take Garcinia Cambogia For Maximum Weight Loss Results

Garcinia Cambogia extract is a popular weight loss supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant and it is available in many different forms. The dosage can be confusing for some people, as it is based on a series of factors such as the amount of weight you are trying to lose and your overall health. Therefore a lot of persons may be wondering how to take garcinia cambogia for maximum weight loss results.

Below you’ll learn of the correct dosage to take when to take it to get the most of the ‘miracle supplement’.

One thing is for sure: you must consult your health care provider prior to taking Garcinia Cambogia, because even though this supplement is natural and has no known side effects, it may interfere with other medications and decrease their efficacy. Here you will find several useful guidelines that will teach you how to take Garcinia Cambogia and what dosage is the most efficient for you.



The Importance Of Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Knowing how to take garcinia cambogia dosage is vital: a small dose may be ineffective while a high dose may be too much. Nonetheless, not only the dosage but also the quality of the supplement must be considered: the original and approved version of Garcinia Cambogia does not contain any fillers or binders whatsoever, this is why it is essential to buy only premium quality products.

Understanding The HCA In Garcinia Cambogia

Every high-quality Garcinia Cambogia supplement should contain 50% HCA, (the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid) and 1000 mg of active ingredient per dose, and you should avoid taking supplements that do not meet these criteria.

Moreover, some supplements may also contain a potent blend of several other herbal ingredients that aim to boost the weight loss properties of the HCA, such as Magnolia Bark Extract, for example.

Basically, Garcinia Cambogia extract is available either as a compound in other supplements, or as an individual dietary supplement – the latter option is more effective for those who want to lose weight. The correct Garcinia Cambogia dosage must contain 50% of the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid, and the dosage is adjusted based on the amount of hydroxycitric acid found in the supplement.

The weight of the individual, the diet that is being consumed as well as the weight loss goals should be taken into consideration when determining the daily dosage and how to take Garcinia Cambogia. Generally speaking, patients are advised to take a daily dose that is between 500 miligrams and 2000 miligrams.

Dosages that are lower than 500 miligrams have no noticeable effect whatsoever, this is why it is recommended that the patient takes a 500mg tablet of Garcinia Cambogia three a day, at least 30-60 minutes before meals.

On the other hand, those who are medically obese and simply cannot get rid of extra pounds are advised to take up to 3000 miligrams per day, but this exception is made solely for athletes and obese people who cannot shed the excess pounds. At the moment of speaking, there are no recorded side effects or toxicity associated with high intake of Garcinia Cambogia, although the recommended dosage must not be exceeded under no circumstances.

Garcinia Cambogia supplement must be taken 30 minutes before the meal, with a large glass of water as hydroxycitric acid is water-soluble and it is quickly and easily absorbed by the body. As mentioned above, the daily dosage of Garcinia Cambogia varies from one individual to another.


For the most part, garcinia cambogia is safe. Thousands of people have started to use this supplement and are experiencing amazing results. The fact that you don’t have to stick to a strict diet or punish yourself with strenuous exercises in the gym is a plus when using this supplement.

However, we do recommend that you try your best to eat as healthy as possible and get some daily physical activities into your lifestyle to experience maximum weight loss. If you are ready to change your body, click the link below to see if you qualify for a free bottle of pure garcinia cambogia.

Now that you know how to take garcinia cambogia as well as the recommended dosage, click the link below to claim your 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia and start shedding those unwanted fats!

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Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Weight Loss – Is It Just HYPE?

Can You Really Lose Weight By Taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

If you have been looking for a safe and natural way to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life then no doubt you must have heard about the Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement that was presented on the Dr. Oz Show.

Garcinia-Cambogia-selectIt has been said that the Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract is the “Fastest And Newest fat Buster” that will allow you to lose weight without dieting or exercise. But is this true? Today I will be giving you an in-depth review of this garcinia cambogia extract.

The Garcinia Cambogia supplements have been getting a lot of media attention and searches for information about this supplement have increased exponentially all around the world.

It is very affordable and scientific studies have shown that it is 100% safe and highly effective.

But what everyone wants to know is whether or not this supplement really allows you to drop fat fast without working out like crazy or sticking to a strict diet. We have done our research, the results are in and below is our 100% unbiased Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review.

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What Exactly is the Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

The Garcinia Cambogia Extract comes from a pumpkin shaped fruit that is native to India and most Asian countries.

This extract have been used by people of these Asian countries for years in cooking as a remedy for weight loss, as it acted as an appetite suppressant.

People of those cultures would actually add the Garcina Extract to foods such as soups because it helps them to feel full faster, thus allowing them to eat less and in so doing lose weight.

Now researchers have been studying this garcinia cambogia fruit for some time and has determined that “Pure Garcinia Extract” really does have fat burning properties. They have packaged this extract in a pill form which people all over the world can take to experience the transformation that it gives.

Lots of doctors and scientists have been endorsing the Garcinia Products and one such person is Dr. Oz who has a very popular health show on television.

Since he featured the product on his show which welcomes millions of viewers worldwide, online sales for the garcinia cambogia weight loss supplements have sky rocketed and more and more people are looking to get some of this revolutionary fat buster.


How Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Causes Weight Loss?

There are three main ways in which Garcinia Cambogia causes weight loss. They are:

  • 1. It Act As An Appetite Suppressant,
  • 2 It Acts As a Mood Elevator and
  • 2. It Acts as A Fat Burner

Garcinia Cambogia As An Appetite Suppressant

One of the reasons why a lot of persons find it hard to lose weight is because they can’t control their eating habits. You see, the main rule of weight loss is that you MUST burn more calories that you consume.

However, if you eat a lot then it wont be possible to lose weight because you’ll be consuming more calories than you actually burn on a day to day basis.

Garcinia Cambogia causes an increase in serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is a chemical hormone responsible for controlling your appetite. So as a result of taking the Garcinia supplement, you’ll eat less and that’s how you burn more calories and lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia As A Mood Elevator

garcinia cambogia extractAs the Garcinia Cambogia Extract increases the level of serotonin in the brain, it also enhances a persons mood. Serotonin is actually a chemical in the brain that is also responsible for a persons mood. The higher the levels of serotonin, the more a person will ‘feel good’ about themselves. SO there will be less feeling of sadness, depression and anxiety all of which are factors that contributes to emotional eating~ which is one of the main causes of weight gain!

Garcinia Cambogia As A Fat Burner

The  garcinia cambogia extract contains an acid known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Therefore, when the garcinia cambogia extract is present it will allow your to body to use up more carbohydrates for energy and thus Blocking Fat Production in the process. When this occurs, there is a rise in glycogen in the liver which then sends a message to the brain letting it know that you are full.

Basically the Garcinia Cambogia Extract Weight Loss Supplement is an all in one solution for persons looking to lose weight as it allows you to eat less and also blocks fat production enabling you to eat whatever you want without gaining unwanted fat.

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Other Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia

  • The supplement works without you making any modifications to your diet or doing any form of exercise.
  • Causes an increase in actual lean muscle mass and decrease in overall fat. (allows you to burn more calories per day).
  • Deals with Emotional eating
  • Causes a decrease in bad cholesterol and lower your triglycerides levels while improving good cholesterol such as HDR.
  • Obese patients has improvement in insulin resistance and leptin resistance. (hormones which helps us to eat less)


What’s The Correct Garcinia Cambogia Dosage For Weight Loss?

If you are looking to try the Garcinia Cambogia extract for weight loss then it is important for you to know how much to take per day for it to be effective and safe. Although there are no known side effects of taking the garcinia cambogia pills, we can assume that like any other supplements if you take more than your daily dosage, there could be negative problems.

 Dr Oz Recommended The Following On His Show:

  • Supplement Must Say PURE Garcinia Cambogia
  • Must Have At Least 50% HCA
  • You should take at least 500mg 30-60 minutes prior to eating (3 times per day)
  • NEVER take more than 3,000mg per day

So Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe For Weight Loss?

The short answer is yes!

“In a 12-week clinical study published in 2000 in the “Journal of International Medical Research,” 300 mg of garcinia extract a day, along with other herbs, was given to obese volunteers. The group receiving garcinia experienced a significant difference in weight loss over the control group — 3.5 kg versus 1.2 kg — with 85 percent of the reduction.”


While the garcinia cambogia extract is 100% natural and safe, it is recommended that you DO NOT take the supplement if you are diabetic, have hypertension, pregnant, children under the age of 18 years old or have Alzheimer’s.

Always check with your doctor before you take any form of supplement regardless of the dosage!


Where to Buy Garcinia Cambogia?

Since the Dr Oz Garcinia cambogia extract supplements have become popular, millions of people all over the world are looking to buy it in order to finally lose the weight that they have been struggling with for years. However, this has given rise to a lot of unscrupulous marketers and companies trying to make a quick buck buy selling FAKE supplements.

So below are some guidelines on what you should look for and where you can get authentic pure garcinia cambogia extract without putting a whole in your pocket or getting scammed.

  • Always ensure that the word ‘Garcinia Cambogia’  or ‘GCE’ is on the label.
  • Should Have At Least 50% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) with Potassium
  • Each tablet should be at least 500mg
  • There should be ZERO Fillers, ZERO Binders and ZERO Artificial Ingredients

It is very important that you only go for supplements that contains “PURE Garcinia Cambogia Extract” in order to experience the full benefit of the supplements. This is one instance where the cheapest option may not be the best. As stated above, there will be a lot of FAKE options available often times at a cheaper rate than the authentic product.

Those low quality products may yield very little or no results at all.

Are You Ready To Transform Yourself Into A Fat Burning Machine?

By taking pure garcinia cambogia HCA supplements, you can transform your life by losing the excess weight and get the body of your dreams. Simply taking the supplement 3 times per day before meals can do wonders for you without you making any changes to your current lifestyle.

However, we do recommend that you make small changes to your diet and start adding 30 minutes of exercise to your lifestyle at least 3 times per week so that you not only lose weight with garcinia cambogia but have an overall healthier life. Start by making a commitment today to change your life.

Get Your Garcinia Cambogia Extract Today

We have done our research and found that Garcinia DOES allow for weight loss. We have also reviewed several merchants an online stores and the one below not only had all the requirements but they had the best deal where you can qualify for a free bottle on selected orders.

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Dr OZ Garcinia Cambogia Where to Buy

Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss

Dr OZ Garcinia Cambogia Where to BuyOne of the products which seems to have gained quite a following as of late is the use of Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss. Sure, there are a number of products on the market which claim they have a following, but quite often this is nothing but a marketing scam in order to drum up interest in a fake product. However, with the plethora of Garcinia Cambogia reviews out there, I am inclined to believe that the interest in this particular supplement is well deserved, and plenty of people have noticed that this small plant from Asia actually can help them lose a significant amount of weight.

Before I delve into how this product works for weight loss, lets take a minute to consider why people struggle to lose weight. To put it in the simplest way possible, it is because they cannot control how much they are eating, and this means that more calories are being consumed that they need to. They also find that it is difficult to find the time to exercise their weight away, which means calories that are consumed are not being burned off. This is not through a lack of motivation, and there are plenty of people out there who would love to lose weight but simply can’t.

So how can Garcinia Cambogia help these people out? Well, it has two effects. The first is that it can suppress your appetite. This means that you are consuming far fewer calories. This means that we have already solved the first weight loss problem. The second is that it can help us burn off weight more efficiently i.e. more weight in a shorter space of time. It does this by boosting the metabolism. This ticks the second box. So in short, it can deal with both problems commonly associated with why people can’t lose weight. Convinced yet?

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Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Understandably you may be worried about Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects especially garcinia cambogia side effects liver. There are some unproven research on the impact of garcinia cambogia to the liver, but it is unproven and probably associated with the former liver disease. Garcinia Cambogia extract is only natural, after all, it makes sense to show concern when you are purchasing something from the internet that you eat. However, since the supplement is made from the extract of a natural item there are absolutely no side effects on most people, but if you have some healthy issue you should consult your doctor before use. Any side effects that you do experience are actually down to your body starting to clear out some of the waste products that it has built up over the years after you start to lose weight.


Where Can I Find Garcinia Cambogia Safe Product?

So should you check out Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss? Honestly, yes. This is one of the only products on the market which has been proven to work time and time again when it comes to losing weight. But don’t get scammed, you should buy Garcinia Cambogia only with USA label and with combination of Calcium and Potassium what is Dr OZ Garcinia Cambogia recommendation. This means that no matter what price you pay for it, as long as you take the right supplement and put in the effort to make it work for you then you will find that the weight just falls off. Are you willing to take the first step of the rest of your life? Are you willing to make that change? So here is the answer Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia where to buy. So, purchase Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss today from Garcinia Cambogia Select Official SIte here. It could quite honestly be one of the best decisions that you have ever made when it comes to your health.

garcinia cambogia where to buy

Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz Recommendation

Garcinia Cambogia where to buyRecently the news was flooded with this new slimming product called Garcinia Cambogia Extract. It was introduced and recommended by many dieters and even embraced by famous Dr Oz. Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz recommendation was with famous words “The holy grail of weight loss”. In this article, we will try to give you a brief review on what Garcinia Cambogia and what are its effects on obesity and fatness and where to find Garcinia Cambogia best option.

Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement extracted from the skin of pumpkin shaped fruit native to Indonesia. This fruit, known by the name tamarid was originally used in cooking for centuries thanks to its ability to suppress appetite. That is also the way how does Garcinia Cambogia work.

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It is supposed to be taken 3 times a day on an empty stomach to make you feel less hungry and to lower your appetite. These 3 pills represent 1500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract which is actually a recommended dosage by Dr Oz. You shouldn’t take 3000 mg or more and the minimum dosage of Garcinia Cambogia is 500 mg per day. Dr Oz said that Garcinia Cambogia helps in losing weight also with preventing the formation of fat cells. The bonus to all this is that with Garcinia Cambogia, the level of Cartisol is balanced and Cartisol is a hormone that results from body stress. As an efficient fat blocker, Garcinia Cambogia might be the perfect slimming product. But only if you get right product. So the question is where to buy garcinia cambogia?

garcinia cambogi dr oz


Where Can I Buy Garcinia Cambogia Safe Products

There are many versions of garcinia cambogia extracts on the market some of them are surely scam. So what do you have to be aware of when you looking for where to buy garcinia cambogia extract. First of all the seller has to offer many back garantie for this product and customer care help center for any issues. The label from the product has to be from USA because Garcinia Cambogia extrace made in USA is FDA approved and contains all natural ingredients excluding any artificial adding and fillings. In this way, Garcinia Cambogia is free from negative side effects and is considered to be safe for healthy people, but if you are diabetic,  pregnant or have some healthy issue then you should consult with your doctor about Garcinia Cambogia usage.

Scientifically proven, Garcinia Cambogia can help those people who are struggling with emotional eating and can speed up the weight loss process to two or even three times. You can purchase Garcinia Cambogia online, but be careful to order the product that is FDA approved and contains at least 50 % of hydroxycitric acid.

According to its consumers, Garcinia Cambogia works without additional exercise and dieting, but for best results doctors suggest the combination of these slimming pills and regular exercise and healthy feeding. It is interesting to know that Garcinia Cambogia will be better and quicker absorbed is mixed with Calcium and Potassium what Dr OZ recommended for Garcinia Cambogia extract product and you can find suh a product here. Mostly Garinia Cambogia extract reviews are highly positive with many satisfied consumers. They praise this slimming product not only for effective weight loss, but also for mood enhancement. So if you are looking for Garcinia Cambogia where to buy the safe and efficient product you don’t need to look further. Buy Garcinia Cambogia extract at official website here.

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